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What if one change could help level the playing field,
while making your housing options way more attractive and affordable for all students? It can.

MAX convenience.

Help students enjoy the comforts of home without breaking the bank. Instead of an out-of-pocket expense, an EcoMAX™ Multipliance can be included in their room and board. So it’s one less thing for students to worry about, and one more amenity that sets you apart.

MAX service.

With our MAXlease™ care plan, we provide the delivery, installation, maintenance, and service, ensuring a smooth, seamless experience for everyone.

One change. MAX benefit.

One less thing for students & families to worry about, one more amenity that sets you apart.

MAX satisfaction.

Campus housing amenities designed to attract and retain students don’t have to be expensive to make a powerful impact. Backed by our MAXlease™ care plan, you’ll not only realize significant value, you’ll provide a competitive amenity that makes the student experience easier—and a lot more enjoyable.

MAX value.

Putting an EcoMAX™ Multipliance in every room can provide a transformative upgrade for as little as $50 per student annually. We’re talking a significant value for students and housing operations.

MAX efficiency.

Our units use 33% less energy than comparable retail products. EcoMAX™ products’ energy efficiency will actually lower your utility bills.

It’s the amenity
that pays for itself.

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