Give your guests one more reason to rest easy.

Our Promise

 25 years in the compact appliance industry

“Our core values are: Honesty & Integrity, Strong Relationships, Profitable Growth, High Performance Systems, and Hard Work
All of these core values are essential for our team to create strong and effective programs.
These are our values and our promises to you.”
– President and Owner Ryan Majeres

With over 25 years in the compact appliance industry, our team developed the EcoMax™ brand to satisfy the two largest needs in this market: Efficiency and Affordability. Since the launch of EcoMax™ in 2016, it has been our pleasure to provide our high-quality products to Higher Education institutions. We look forward to continuing to partner with our customers in the future, meeting their demands with excellence.

Comfort For Guests

An EcoMax™ unit in your guest rooms means that convenience is always within reach. Take advantage of our industry leading energy efficiency and treat your guests to the highest quality while keeping your carbon footprint small.

Stand Out

Online comparison shopping is easier than ever. Put your establishment at the top of the list by providing an EcoMax™ unit in all of your guest rooms. With one of our sleek, compact units in each room, your guests are that much closer to home.

Industry Leaders

Put our 25 years of experience in the compact appliance industry to  work for you. When you choose EcoMax™, you choose a partner dedicated to getting the right fit for your space and making sure you’re happy.

Partner with Us.

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