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Honesty. Integrity. Strong Relationships.

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 25 years in the compact appliance industry

Our core values are: Honesty & Integrity, Strong Relationships, Profitable Growth, High Performance Systems, and Hard Work
All of these core values are essential for our team to create strong and effective programs.
These are our values and our promises to you.

With over 25 years in the compact appliance industry, our team developed the EcoMax™ brand to satisfy the two largest needs in this market: Efficiency and Affordability. Since the launch of EcoMax™ in 2016, it has been our pleasure to provide our high-quality products to Higher Education institutions. We look forward to continuing to partner with our customers in the future, meeting their demands with excellence.

Ryan Majeres

  • 14 years experience at Bedloft.com
  • 22 total years in higher education housing industry

About Us

Bedloft.com was born from the belief that student housing has the potential to make or break the college experience and a desire to see the bar raised. Ryan Majeres, President/Owner, began his housing career first as a customer. After a frustrating experience with a fridge rental company, Ryan became the President of RHA at the University of Illinois and made it a priority to re-examine the school’s rental program and partner with a more responsible company.

This became the philosophy that is the cornerstone of Bedloft.com: see a need and adapt to fix it. After graduating, Ryan worked in the collegiate fridge and amenity space for several years before acquiring College Services, Inc in 2004. Rebranding to Bedloft.com to be more accessible to students and parents, the company exploded becoming a leader and innovator in the loft rental business. Partnering now with 70 universities and colleges across the United States, Bedloft.com continues to grow.

In 2010 Ryan saw the increasing need for micro-appliances in collegiate residence housing, and moved back into the fridge rental market. He launched MyCollegeFridge.com to create a smoother experience for students and parents, and gained exclusive distributor rights for EcoMax™ products. This new venture was the starting point for the MAXlease™ program, a program designed to fit any school, any location and any budget.

Stress Free Installation

We handle the installation, the maintenance, and the disposal, you just get the benefits.
Our team works with your budget and your timeline to make the program as successful a total success.

EcoMAX Gives Back

We believe in the importance of Higher Education, which is why over the past 15 years, we have given $5.1 million back to schools and student organizations, to support scholarships, on-campus programs, and key initiatives. It has been a pleasure to serve our customers in this way thus far and we look forward to continuing to give back.

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