The right size to fit your space: Which EcoMax™ products will you choose?

Our Standards

Industry-leading, Energy Star rated, our EcoMax™ products are designed with features to make them the perfect fit, and stand the test of time.


All of our combination units use OnePlugTM Technology, ensuring the lowest power consumption, allowing only one component to run at a time

Redesigned fridge interiors contain flat and shatter-resistant glass shelving for an easier cleaning process

Our proprietary bracketing hardware securely attaches the microwave to the refrigerator, preventing tampering, and increasing stability

3.2 Multipliance

3.3 Multipliance

4.5 Multipliance

  • Largest EcoMax model available
  • Best value for larger compact units on the market
  • Product Spec Sheet

EcoMAX™ 3.2 Double Door Fridge/Freezer

(any of our products can be separates)

EcoMAX™ 3.3 Single Door Fridge

(any of our products can be separates)


(any of our products can be separates)

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