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Honesty. Integrity. Strong Relationships. EcoMax™.

Our Promise

 25 years in the compact appliance industry

“Our core values are: Honesty & Integrity, Strong Relationships, Profitable Growth, High Performance Systems, and Hard Work
All of these core values are essential for our team to create strong and effective programs.
These are our values and our promises to you.”
– President and Owner, Ryan Majeres

With over 25 years in the compact appliance industry, our team developed the EcoMax™ brand to satisfy the two largest needs in this market: Efficiency and Affordability. Since the launch of EcoMax™ in 2016, it has been our pleasure to provide our high-quality products to Higher Education institutions. We look forward to continuing to partner with our customers in the future, meeting their demands with excellence.

Flexible and Affordable

With flexible leasing and purchasing options EcoMax™ is within your reach for any size institution.

Leasing EcoMax™ products is the worry-free solution to your appliance needs. In addition to a great product, our maintenance program takes the burden off of your staff while giving your students a great customer experience. Turn an appliance into a true amenity with EcoMax™ MAXlease™.

All of our combination units and their individual components are available for direct purchase. You have unique needs; contact us today for a proposal that fits your campus and your budget.

Stress Free Installation

We handle the installation, the maintenance, and the disposal, you just get to reap the benefits.
Our team works with your budget and your timeline to make the program as successful a total success.

Industry Leaders

The EcoMax™ brand represents industry leading product quality and energy efficiency brought to market through our line of compact refrigerators, microwaves and combination appliances.

Cost Savings

Lower utility bills, added revenue streams, retention and recruitment, less stress and chaos at move-in and move-out. These are just a few of the reasons that EcoMax™ is the amenity that works for you. Whether your campus is big or small, EcoMax™ can fit your space and your budget.

Contact our friendly sales team to find out how EcoMax™ can pay for itself and more!

EcoMax™ Gives Back

We believe in the importance of Higher Education, which is why over the past 15 years, we have given $5.1 million back to schools and student organizations, to support scholarships, on-campus programs, and key initiatives. It has been a pleasure to serve our customers in this way thus far and we look forward to continuing to give back.

Partner with Us.

Contact us today to learn about our product and our unique leasing program. 

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